Alumni Spotlight recognizes a chosen Kubert School alum showcasing their work and journey after The Kubert School.

    Talent from The Kubert School


    Betsy Ambielli

    Freelance content management for e-commerce sites

    Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Ambielli 

    First job after finish school: First real employ in the graphic art profession was at a community newspaper; I was employed as a production paste-up person, putting text and images on mechanical pages for printing. these were the days before desktop publishing and graphic art software.

    One note: While I graduated from the school in May, 1978, I did understand that I needed another year at the school and re-enrolled to take a 2nd year again: September 1979 - May 1980. It did make a difference. 

    Current job: My work progressed to my current 21st Century job of freelance content management (writer) for e-commerce sites as well as a blogger for websites. My resume tag line is "Writing with a picture or drawing with words." One is definitely connected to the other.

    Reason I love/hate my job: I love to work and see the results of my work. Printing is commercial art , and it works fine for my quiet, hands-on nature. What I hated about any job? Quitting time. the days went too fast. 

    Current city: Manchester, NJ. Previously, I resided in Union, NJ for 33 years.  

    I started drawing when: I was a doodler throughout grammar and high school. Tracing comic book panels and rearranging them to make up my own stories. In high school I still read Archie Comics or Disney and Harvey comics. One week after high school graduation; my mom showed me an article in the local paper about a school opening in Dover, NJ... The Joe Kubert school of Cartoon and Graphic Art. It was meant to be!

    Favorite artist: I am in awe of any who can tell an illustrated story, I like the clean simple lines of artists like Mike Chen, Ron Zalme (Kubie classmates) and the clean style of Hy Eisman, (Kubert School Instructor). Also the work of such cartoonist as Mort Walker, cartoonist of Beetle Bailey or Bil Keane; The Family Circus.

    Favorite book: I remember my high school years spent in a local library reading biographies of cartoonists, Disney, of course, and Charles Schultz. I mostly like reading reference type books of the history of cartooning and the mechanics of drawing. If I do read fiction; I enjoy mysteries.

    Film I could watch over and over: I love Yankee Doodle Dandy, the movie where Jimmy Cagney plays George M. Cohan (patriotism is me; I love America).

    I'm listening to: I don't listen to anything while I work.  I found that I can get lost in the work I do and outside noises distract me from that focus. I like quiet.

    Last comic book I read: I admit I do peruse the comic books in comic book shops now and again and I am thrilled when I see the work of a former classmate and saying to myself, "Wow, he did it too! God bless Joe Kubert for his school." I still like the stories of Archie, but primarily I'm a reader of the newspaper comic strips.

    Drawing instrument of choice: I am beginning to draw in Adobe Illustrator but I still like pen, ink and brush. It makes a more interesting drawing with the various line thicknesses. I also like a simple fine tip Sharpie or the equivalent type marker pens.

    Currently working on: I am a  freelance e-commerce content manager, for a review site affiliated with I am working on my own website, that will hopefully bring more freelance opportunities. I'm also learning the ways of social media with regards to Facebook and my Facebook business page. Most importantly I'm available to assist my 90 year old mom. She has always been my supporter, as was my dad, who is  now resting in the heavenly realm.

    You can find my work at:

    Attended the Kubert School: From 1976 to 1978 with additional study in 1979 - 1980 for fine-tuning of all the knowledge absorbed.

    Additional Comments: Joe Kubert would often say the most important thing for working in the comic illustration field is not so much talent - but desire. The ability to keep-on-persisting. He was right. There's so much to learn... and there are many aspects to graphic art. Blessed are any who get to participate in any phase of it; and earn a living. I have been blessed.