Our correspondence courses are perfect for anyone interested in learning cartooning but cannot commit to a 3-year program due to work, family or any obstacle. We bring the classroom to you so you can set your own time to learn.

Learn Cartooning at home on your own time.

Correspondence Courses are a non-accredited opportunity to learn Cartooning at home at your own pace.


COST FOR EACH COURSE (with 5 critiques):  $225 + S/H

BOOK AND DVD ONLY (no critiques): $100 + S/H

5 CRITIQUES ONLY; (After prior purchase of lesson book and dvd only): $125 + S/H


Each individual course package features an 11” x 17” spiral-bound lesson book with a thick chipboard cover. Interior pages are crammed-full of illustrations and printed in full color on heavy-coated stock. In addition to its instructional value, the book is also a durable collectible.


Each individual course package includes a DVD featuring Joe Kubert. The video shows Joe demonstrating and explaining the methods and procedures he has developed over decades of professional experience. It’s like having Joe by your side advising, explaining and instructing you in your own home or studio.


Each course package includes 5 full-sized homework assignment boards. These are 2-ply 11” x 17” pre-printed Bristol boards: the actual size used for comic book production. Each of your assignments are critiqued and corrected by our staff of professional cartoonists, using tracing paper overlays.


A large, specially labeled envelope is included in your course package. A backing board is also included to protect your work in transit. A new envelope is supplied to you with each mailing.


Inserted and bound between each page of your course book is a full-sized 2-ply Bristol board for the purpose of practice sketching. These enable you to work directly in your course book and to retain your practice drawings for future referral.


Recommended Art Supplies for these correspondence courses will be sold separately through The Kubert School Art Store, please visit


1. Scan your completed assignment in .jpg format, 72 dpi maximum, to  Your completed assignment will be scanned and emailed back to you.


2. Assignments and critiques will be sent through the regular mail via the U.S. Postal Service.

To request a brochure or for further information, please fill out the form on the contact page.

or by mail:

The Kubert School
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Heroes and Superheroes

From the very inception of comic books, Heroes and Superheroes have been a mainstay of these publications. This course is designed to improve your drawing abilities regardless of style or experience. This course features step-by-step instructions explaining how the professionals do it. Learn the basics of foreshortening, anatomy, perspective, proportion and exaggeration. Joe’s video demonstrates techniques, use of materials, and sequential graphic story-telling

Heroes & Superheroes Course


Every cartoon or comic book story starts with a written plot. It is the job of the cartoonist to convert the written word into graphics. This course will show you how to create and illustrate stories of humor, adventure, science fiction, horror, etc. You will also learn how to develop characters and create page layouts and panel compositions. On the video, Joe gives you personal demonstrations and instruction on the art of comic book story-graphics.

Story-Graphics Course


Horror is a popular genre in comic books. This course goes into detail concerning styles, characters, techniques, dramatization, and the use of reference. Graphic examples show the relationship between film and comic books on this subject. Joe’s video contains actual drawing demos
illustrating horror stories. If you’ve ever wanted to create a graphic horror story, this is the course for you. It’s like having Joe at your side, talking you through the steps.

Horror Course


Converting a written story into a graphic form is the art of penciling. This course shows the use of tools, composition, story sequence, and page design prior to lettering and inking. The penciler’s work includes allowing space for balloons, captions, and sound effects. This course is for those who ink their own work and those who pencil for others to ink. The course video featuring Joe shows actual demonstrations of his penciling technique and clear explanations of his philosophy.

Penciling Course


Inking completes the black and white cartoon illustration. Black line is
the identifying factor of cartoon art. This course teaches how to ink and the proper use of the tools. The video is filled with actual demonstrations of ink rendering for subjects from humor to horror. Joe shows his approach to the use of pen, brush, and ink. His demonstrations are a valuable help to beginners, amateurs, and professionals.

Inking Course

Super Villains

Villains are as prominent in comic books as heroes. The more monstrous, frightening and powerful the villain, the greater the accomplishment when the villain is finally overcome by the hero. This course will show you how to draw and design your hero’s nemesis. You will be able to draw villains with the impact of King Kong, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, or any satanic demon. Super Villains focuses on the development of historical, current and future evildoers in graphic form. Whether your idea for a dastardly villain has a humorous bent or is the most nefarious villain ever, this course will enable you to create the kind of villains that will impress any comic book audience.

Super Villains Course

Sample Critiques

Student's Original Artwork


David Hanson, California

Horror - Third Assignment

Critiqued Assignment


Student's Original Artwork


Carl Carzanna, United Kingdom

Story-Graphics - First Assignment

Critiqued Assignment

Student's Original Artwork


Wes Wilcox - Kentucky, United States

Penciling - 3rd Assignment

Critiqued Assignment

Student's Original Artwork


Mark Schaffer - Illinois, United States

Horror - 1st Assignment

Critiqued Assignment

Student's Original Artwork


Gregory Calogero - Pennsylvania, United States

Inking - 3rd Assignment

Critiqued Assignment


Student's Original Artwork


Miguel Celemente Rodriguez - Spain

        Inking - 1st Assignment

Critiqued Assignment


Student's Original Artwork


Gilbert Arevalo - California

        Super-Villains - 1st Assignment

Critiqued Assignment