Program Advisory Committee

Program Advisory Committee of The Kubert School

The members of our Program Advisory Committee (PAC) is composed of appropriately qualified representatives from the commercial art field. They independently review the established curricula of The Kubert School, as well as the instructional-related program materials, equipment and facilities, and student achievement outcomes as a means to provide us with an external review of our programs.

Andy Kubert – Art Director, DC Comics
Dan Didio – Writer, Editor, former Publisher of DC Comics
Joseph Rybandt – Editorial Director of Dynamite Comics
Gina Gagliano – Previous Publishing Director of Random House Graphic
Mike Marts – Executive VP and Editor in Chief, Mad Cave Studios
Nick Napolitano – Vice President Manufacturing Administration, DC Comics
Paul Levitz – Writer, former President of DC Comics
Stan Madaloni – Creative Director Star Trek Brand Development
Dr. Kristy Miller – Hi-Fi Colour Design

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