Cartoon Graphics I – First Year

First Year Courses at The Kubert School

The Curriculum at The Kubert School is an intense and challenging program. However, the value of your education will follow wherever you decide to take your cartooning.

Each course listed below is worth 92.5 Hours – 4 Credit Hours. Each credit hour.

The ten courses together are worth 925 Hours – 40 Credit Hours

101. Basic Drawing I

Is an introduction to the basic principles of drawing for comic books and illustration, with instruction in composition, design and perspective.

102. The Human Figure I

Working from live models, students are instructed in the fundamentals of figure drawing and anatomy.

103. Narrative Art I

Instruction in the essentials of sequential storytelling for comics. The basics of page layout and composition are matched with expanding the student’s understanding of drama and action for maximum narrative effect.

104. Inking

This class introduces the student to the methods and materials used in producing reproductive art for comic books and illustration, using both traditional ink and digital rendering tools.

105. Imaginative Writing

Introduction in story structure and script formatting. 

106. Digital Color

Instruction in the essential computer programs used in comic book coloring, graphic art and digital illustration. Students will learn the fundamentals of comic book coloring.

107. Business I

Introduction to the common business practices of publishing and commercial art.

108. Lettering

Students are instructed in digital lettering for comic books using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

109. Editorial/Digital Production I

Introduction to principles of professional prepress techniques, including proper formatting of files for publication.

110. Dynamic Figure

Utilizing elements of animation and exaggeration, drawing the human figure is developed in its most dynamic sensibilities. 

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