Cartoon Graphics II – Second Year

Second Year Courses at The Kubert School.

The Curriculum at The Kubert School is an intense and challenging program. However, the value of your education will follow wherever you decide to take your cartooning.

Each course listed below is worth 92.5 Hours – 4 Credit Hours. Each credit hour.

The ten courses together are worth 925 Hours – 40 Credit Hours

201. Basic Drawing II

Expanding on the basics of good drawing for narrative art and illustration, with more of a focus on techniques and styles.

202. The Human Figure II

Working from live models with a continued refinement of anatomy and observational representation. Students are encouraged to experiment with techniques and media.

203. Narrative Art II

Students hone their storytelling skills in this class, which concentrates on producing art for comic books, storyboards and graphic novels.

204. Inking II

Additional skill building with both traditional ink and digital media.

205. Imaginative Writing II

Further development of student focused scripting and storytelling.

206. Digital Color II

Color principles and theories applied to comic art and illustration, using digital programs including Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint and Procreate.

207. Business of Art II

Concentration on acquiring both a professional attitude toward the field of cartoon and commercial art Discussions regarding creator rights, client negotiations, invoicing, contracts and establishing oneself as a self-representing artist.

208. Lettering II

Digital lettering applied to Logo design, and type applications for commercial use.

209. Editorial/Digital Production II

Instruction in the principles of project management as it applies to the production of both digital and print publications.

210. Dynamic Figure II

The theories and application involved in exaggeration and stylization of figures including foreshortening and dynamic perspective utilizing elements of animation and human movement.

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