Campus Safety

Keeping safety & health in mind.

The Kubert School takes the safety of its students very serious. We practice safe habits and pass on such advice to our students. We do not have a medical service on the school’s site. However, a hospital is only blocks away.

St. Clare’s Dover General Hospital    

400 West Blackwell Street
Dover, NJ 07801


Planned Parenthood      

30 N Morris Street
Dover NJ 07801


Dover Eye Care Center      

68 W Blackwell Street
Dover NJ 07801


Dover Community Clinic      

17 S Warren Street
Dover NJ 07801

Campus Safety : It Takes Commitment

Campus safety doesn’t just happen; it takes the commitment and cooperation of every member of the school community, from students and faculty to staff and visitors.

The Kubert School takes very seriously the safety of those who study, live and work in its facilities. Here are three important ways you can help:

  • Watch for and report any crimes or suspicious activities
  • Inform yourself about School policies and procedures regarding your safety and well being, as well as state and federal laws; and
  • Incorporate practical, common sense safety measures in your daily activities.

At the start of each academic year, every student is provided a copy of the general Regulations. Please familiarize yourself with these policies; it is the responsibility of every student to know and abide by them. New faculty and staff are also given copies of all Kubert School policies when they join the school.


Public Safety

While school officials have primary authority to enforce laws within the campus boundaries (including all roads leading into campus), local and state police can enter campus and exercise their authority under the following circumstances: under warrant; in response to a violation of the law in progress; or at the request of school officials.


Developing Good Safety Habits

One of the most effective ways you can help prevent crime on or about school property or its vicinity is by practicing good safety habits in your daily activities.

Annual Orientation Sessions are held that advise new students on campus safety concerns.

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, strategically placed in all classrooms and building to protect both life and property. Additional publications on safety topics are available from the school’s office.


Special Alerts

In the event of any unusual safety problems, the office will alert members of the school community in the most appropriate way. Depending on the nature of the problem, notification may include announcements in dormitories or classrooms, posted bulletins, or public newspapers and radio/tv.


Areas of particular concern

National statistics indicate a very sad and disturbing trend; more than nine of every 10 crimes occurring on a college campus are committed student against student. The vast majority of them -85%- are drug or alcohol related.

The school strictly enforces state and federal laws regarding underage drinking. Illegal drugs and possession of weapons of any kind are outlawed on campus.

Drug and alcohol counseling services are available to any student in need, and students are also encouraged to seek help for friends with a drug or alcohol related problem.

  • In the state of New Jersey, the legal drinking age is 21. It is illegal to buy or offer alcohol to anyone under 21. In addition to state regulations, the school also has established its own policies concerning the use of alcohol on campus.
  • The Kubert School policies comply fully with the Drug Free Schools and Community Act, prohibiting the use, supply or sale of illegal drugs on campus. Students should be thoroughly familiar with School, state and federal policies in this area. Violations of these policies carry severe penalties.
  • The intentional use, possession or sale of firearms, ammunition and other weapons of any kind on campus is prohibited. To call for help or to report a crime, students should immediately contact the School Administration Office or Call 911.


A Final Word

Protecting your safety and well being is of utmost importance to the school. Any suggestions or ideas you may have on how The Kubert School can promote improved safety standards will be welcomed.

To review our current 2022 Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report, please click here

To review our current 2022 Campus Safety and Security Report, please click here

To review our current Drug and Alcohol Prevention Biennial Review Report, please click here

To review our Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures, please click here


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