Cartoon Graphics III – Third Year

Third Year Courses at The Kubert School.

The Curriculum at The Kubert School is an intense and challenging program. However, the value of your education will follow wherever you decide to take your cartooning.

Each course listed below is worth 92.5 Hours – 4 Credit Hours. Each credit hour.

The ten courses together are worth 925 Hours – 40 Credit Hours

301. Basic Drawing III

Advanced application of drawing techniques, with assignments in comic book, editorial illustration and advertising art.

302. The Human Figure III

Working from live models students are encouraged to experiment with various rendering techniques while polishing their understanding of human anatomy.

303. Narrative Art III

Refined focus on sequential storytelling. The purpose of this class is creation of portfolio pieces for those interested in a career in comics and storyboarding.

304. Inking III

Advanced assignments utilizing traditional and digital rendering. The goal of these assignments is professional quality artwork ready for reproduction.

305. Imaginative Writing III

Students cultivate their own intellectual properties for publication. Classwork covers character and supporting cast development, story arcs, scripting and writing pitch proposals.

306. Digital Color III

Further development of  color use and digital techniques in this class geared toward producing art for the comic book, illustration and graphic design market.

307. Business of Art III

Students are prepped for the working world of commercial art, with instruction in portfolio development, interview skills, and job acquisition techniques. This class can also be a bridge between education and employment, with actual job opportunities when available.

308. Lettering III

Advanced application of type and text skills developed during Lettering I and II, for production of printed samples and self promotional material.

309. Editorial/Digital Production III

Advanced instruction in concept, layout, execution and completion of projects for print and digital publishing.

310. Advanced Techniques/Style

A class devoted to refining skills and applying them to the creation of a portfolio that reflects the individual’s strengths and professionalism.

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