Nick Caponi

Nick attended the Kubert School from 2013-2016. He is a freelance illustrator who specializes in comic book coloring and illustrating in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, RPGs and humor. He is also the co-creator and interior artist for “Rayne of Ages”, a Heavy Metal inspired fantasy comic that is published through Sinopa Publishing and the creator of the ongoing fantasy series series “Purity”.


  • Archie Comics
  • Dynamite Comics
  • Pixie Trix Comix
  • Image Comics
  • Scout Comics
  • Sinopa Publishing
  • SourcePoint Press
  • Ablaze Comics
  • UDON Entertainment

Notable Works

  • Dynamite: Bettie Page, Green Hornet
  • Archie: The Archie’s, Betty and Veronica
  • Image: Stray Dogs
  • Pixie Trix Comix: Eerie Cuties, Infernica Sinn
  • Sinopa Publishing: Rayne of Ages