Taylor Esposito

Taylor Esposito is a comic book letterer/owner of Ghost Glyph Studios. A former DC staffer, he’s lettered titles such as Red Hood and The Outlaws, Harley Quinn TAS; Bunnymask, Maniac of New York (Aftershock); and Survival Street (Dark Horse). Other publishers he’s worked with include Dynamite (Elvira, Draculina, Green Hornet) and IDW (Scarlett’s Strike Force).


  • 2022 Ringo Award Best Letterer winner

  • 2022 Tripwire Award Best Letterer winner

  • 2017 Ringo Award Best Letterer nominee

  • 2019 Ringo Award Best Letterer nominee

Notable Works

  • Batman

  • Batman Eternal

  • Harley Quinn TAS

  • Green Hornet

  • Elvira

  • Bettie Page

  • Red Hood

  • Constantine

  • Red Sonja

  • Grimm Fairy Tales