Sep 26, 2023 | Announcements, News and Events

The Joe Kubert School, renowned for its rich legacy in shaping comic book and entertainment industry talents, is proud to unveil “The Joe Kubert School’s Advanced Studies” program, a culmination of years of dedicated effort and a response to the resounding demand from both graduates and industry professionals alike. Launching in January 2024, this program marks a significant stride forward in the school’s commitment to providing a quality education in the dynamic field of comics and entertainment.

For years, The Joe Kubert School has been inundated with inquiries from graduates and industry members alike for a fourth year to be added to the school’s three year program in order to further expand their artistic horizons. Through meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, The Joe Kubert School has crafted “The Joe Kubert School’s Advanced Studies” program, offering an unprecedented opportunity for graduates and working professionals to elevate their skills under the guidance of distinguished artists and instructors who are shaping the industry.

Since its inception, The Joe Kubert School has been a beacon of artistic excellence, producing a remarkable array of alumni who have made indelible marks in comics and entertainment. Graduates from The Joe Kubert School can be found at the forefront of notable comic book companies, animation studios, and entertainment ventures, contributing to the vibrant world of creativity and storytelling.

The program represents a comprehensive effort to ensure participants receive the most current and relevant education available. In recent years, The Joe Kubert School has made significant strides in providing up-to-date information and integrating state-of-the-art technology to enhance the learning experience for its students. The institution’s commitment to regular updates and ensuring the highest quality of education remains unwavering.

“The Joe Kubert School’s Advanced Studies” program is structured to run three days a week at the school’s historic Dover, NJ location, providing participants with an immersive environment conducive to growth and creativity. Applicants will have the option to submit 8-10 pieces of their latest narrative work or present a comprehensive written pitch accompanied by art, allowing for the development of custom projects under the expert guidance of seasoned professionals.

Anthony Marques, President of The Kubert School, emphasized the program’s focus on guiding participants toward sustained success in the industry, stating, “For many young artists, landing the first job is an exciting achievement, but it’s securing the second one and the ones after which defines a successful career. We recognize this challenge and have tailored ‘The Joe Kubert School’s Advanced Studies’ to provide the mentorship and guidance needed to elevate participants’ work, ensuring it stands out in a competitive industry.

“The program culminates with an exclusive art show hosted at The Joe Kubert School in Dover, NJ, affording participants the opportunity to showcase their work and connect with fellow professionals from key industry companies. Networking with industry leaders can be transformative, offering fresh perspectives and opening doors to exciting new possibilities.

With a limited capacity, interested individuals are encouraged to promptly apply to secure their place in the program. With only ten participant slots available, a focused, immersive, and enriching experience awaits.

To apply for “The Joe Kubert School’s Advanced Studies” or to learn more about the program, please visit Embrace the chance to refine your craft, connect with industry luminaries, and embark on the next phase of your artistic journey with The Joe Kubert School’s Advanced Studies.

About The Joe Kubert School: Founded in 1976 by legendary comic artist Joe Kubert, The Joe Kubert School has been a beacon of artistic talent, producing exceptional comic book creators and entertainment industry professionals for decades. With a history of excellence and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists, The Joe Kubert School continues to be a leading institution in the world of comics and entertainment. For further information on The Joe Kubert School please visit


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